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Four of Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

With Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about ways you can make the Christmas season special for your friends and family. Celebrating old traditions is always a fun and cherished time, but starting a new tradition can be equally fun as well! In today’s post, we’ll explain four of our favorite Christmas traditions with the hope that you’ll try something new with your friends and family this Christmas season. When you’ve finished reading this post, be sure to check out our extensive selection of Christmas lighting supplies!

Decorating With LED Christmas Lights

There’s nothing quite like pulling your Christmas lighting supplies out of storage. At The Christmas Light Emporium, we always look forward to unwrapping our LED Christmas lights, dusting off our Christmas decorating supplies, and gathering the whole family for a day of festive decorating. Whether you choose to decorate the day after Thanksgiving or during the first few weeks of December, we can guarantee that hanging LED Christmas lights with your family will be one of your fondest memories this Christmas Season. (And by the way, we’ve written about when you should be putting up your Christmas lights and decorations in a previous post!) 

Baking From Scratch 

There’s nothing quite like fresh baked cookies, especially when Christmas is just around the corner. You might find it difficult to make time for baking in the midst of the Christmas rush, but trust us when we say it’s worth it! Chocolate-mint brownies, chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread confections, and classic sugar cookies are all fantastic options, and you can always bring the extras to work!

Making Stockings

Stockings are a classic Christmas tradition, and getting together to make stockings is one of the best ways to get your friends and family together in one place. You can play your favorite Christmas music as you sew and glue trinkets onto a blank stocking, and you’ll look back on the day fondly when you take them out of storage next year. We explored the interesting history of Christmas stockings in a previous post, so be sure to catch up on that information if you’re interested!

Going Downtown 

At The Christmas Light Emporium, we love going downtown to view impressive LED Christmas light displays. Whether you live in a busy metropolitan area or a smaller town, there’s a high chance that your city does decorating of some kind during November and December. Take this opportunity to go admire the lights with your friends and family, and you may even find that there are other seasonal activities happening in the area! From pop-up hot chocolate stands to ice rinks and live music, spending an evening downtown with your loved ones can easily become a cherished yearly tradition.

On a related note, you should check your local paper and news channels to see if any residents have created impressive Christmas displays. Taking a drive across town to see an amazing array of Christmas lights and decorations is certainly one of our favorite things to do every year!

We’ll be updating our blog with even more ways to start fun traditions with your family, so be sure to check back regularly for updates. Now that you’re finished reading, take a look through our catalog to find the LED Christmas lights you need for your home this year!

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