C9 LED Christmas Lights Decorating Ideas

C9 LED Christmas lights provide both commercial and at-home designers with affordable lighting options for holiday decorating. The use of LED technology in holiday decor is beginning to provide more economical approaches to creating attractive displays, allowing for more extensive decor schemes at all levels. Families that may have cut holiday lights from the budget in years past can rethink their plans with the affordability of LED illumination. Businesses can become more competitive with their winter decor schemes as they incorporate popular technologies without worrying about unmanageable energy costs. The Christmas Light Emporium provides you with an amazing catalog of C9 LEDs to address your specific lighting needs.

About Our C9 LED Christmas Lights

C9 bulbs use an E17 socket, and LED engineering has incorporated that same base for seamless retrofitting of your existing C9 light strands. You can replace your incandescent bulbs with C9 LEDs to achieve similar lighting effects at a fraction of the cost. Your old incandescent bulbs used seven watts of power each. LED bulbs use 1.7 watts per bulb, making it possible to save up to 90 percent of your energy costs while achieving comparable effects. The use of LED lighting also makes it possible for you to use multiple lights for more efficient decorating. Up to 660 C9 LEDs can be used on a 15-amp circuit.

Special Effects with C9 LED Christmas Lights

One of the most popular trends in contemporary holiday lighting is the use of animated effects. Your strings of C9 LED lights can be used with various controllers to create effects like twinkling, flashing and chasing. Special effects bulbs include twinkle and dimmable options. You'll also find LED specialty lights with E17 bases that are created in icicle shapes. Icicle tubes are especially attractive, providing dramatic effects with multiple LEDs.

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