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C7 LED Christmas Lights Decorating Ideas

LED technology is making a huge impact on both family and business decisions about holiday light displays. Those who have shied away from extensive light decorations because of that dreaded energy bill can rest easier as they consider using C7 LED Christmas lights for their projects. The Christmas Light Emporium provides you with an excellent range of colors and features as you rethink your coming winter decorating plans.

About C7 LED Christmas Lights

C7 strings of lights are most commonly used for indoor decorating. The value of retrofitting your strings with LED bulbs is observed through reduced energy consumption. Whereas an incandescent C7 bulb uses five watts of power, the LED version only uses one watt. The same E12 base is used for the LED bulb, making it easy to replace your old lights with something more economical. Additionally, you can use more bulbs on a 15 amp circuit as you create elaborate effects. As many as 1,125 bulbs can operate on the same circuit. Your energy usage is up to 90 percent less than with incandescent bulbs.

C7 LED Christmas Lights Decorative and Animated Lighting Applications

Your C7 LED Christmas lights work well in a variety of settings. They are perfect for trimming trees, wreaths, windows, doors and mantles in your home. They are excellent for use with computer animated displays. Specialty bulbs are available with dimmable or twinkle effects. You'll also find LED retrofit bulbs in five, seven and nine-inch icicle designs, beautiful alternatives to traditional bulb shapes. You can replace your incandescent bulbs with a multi-colored variety of LED bulbs, or you can design your lighting scheme with single-color strings. C7 LEDs are ideal for special events other than the winter holiday season. Create elegant evening illumination for wedding receptions, graduation celebrations or themed parties.

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