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Bright or Warm - What Lights Should You Purchase?

There are many different types of LED Christmas lights available. You can purchase bright LED Christmas lights or warm ones. Which do you prefer and which are better? Here are some clues as to what you may want to purchase for the 2016 Christmas season:

Bright VS Warm LED Lights

Warm White LED Christmas Lights

If you love soft light, the warm white LED Christmas lights may be your best bet. Although you have a variety of colors to choose between, white is a good choice. The best benefit of choosing a warm white LED light is that they won’t cause your eyes pain. The lighting won’t be too harsh on your eyes. Instead, you can enjoy a soft, warm glow. And, even though your lights are LED, they will put off light like incandescent bulbs.

Bright White LED Christmas Lights

Contemporary or LED lights are the new style of lights that give off a blue-like light, and are usually brighter. If you want your Christmas lights to provide your home with an icy look, bright white LED Christmas lights are a good choice. Don’t be fooled by the brightness; bright white LED lights are also low-energy bulbs. One challenge consumers have experienced is buying multiple boxes of bright white LED light strings from a variety of manufacturers to learn they’re not the exact same color. Our tip: Purchase LED Christmas lights from the same vender every time.

Buy Now!

Whether you would like a bright LED Christmas light, or a warm, we have all of the choices you could ever want! Shop online today with The Christmas Light Emporium to find the perfect lights for your holiday season.

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