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4 Pc Christmas Train Animated C7 Wheels Large Outdoor LED Christmas LightsLED outdoor Christmas lights are one of the most appealing details of the season. Putting up Christmas lights to remind everyone why we celebrate the special holiday is important, which is only one reason why we suggest you take a look at our bright and colorful yard art to add to your collection of LED outdoor Christmas lights. In our previous post, we started giving readers a list of the most popular yard art choices. Continue reading to learn more.

LED Outdoor Yard Decorations Christmas Light Sets Continued…

Christmas Train

This four-piece Christmas Train is animated with C7 wheels. Measuring 67 inches tall and 252 inches wide, this LED outdoor train uses M5 and C7 lights. Because it comes in a four-piece set, you decorate your yard in any creative way you want! For $1,795.00, this four-piece train set can be yours this holiday season!

Christmas HippoChristmas Hippo Outdoor LED Christmas Lights

Who doesn’t love a jolly, old Christmas Hippo? We sure do! When you shop online with The Christmas Light Emporium to find all of your LED outdoor yard art Christmas light needs, you'll be able to find creative, cute and fun yard art options, such as the Christmas Hippo. Measuring 40 inches tall and 41 inches wide, the LED M5 Christmas Hippo is one that is a show-stopper. Buy this jolly hippo online today and enjoy its cheerful joy it brings to your front yard.

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Shop online today for the best and most affordable LED outdoor Christmas light sets. We have everything imaginable. Shop online today and prepare for the most colorful Christmas yet! Contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order.

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