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Avoid Replacing Christmas Lights For Years!

dreamstime_xxl_22730640Christmas lights are beautiful. They are fun to look at, and for some, half the fun is putting them up at the beginning of each holiday season! If you have been following our previous blog posts, then you already know that LED Christmas lights are worth your time and money in the long run. Not only are they cost efficient, but they are eco-friendly! With all of the wonderful benefits of LED lights, it's no wonder many people are replacing their traditional incandescent Christmas light strands without question. But for those of you who are questioning replacing your incandescents, you should know that LED lights are long-lasting and durable too.

LED Christmas lights are…

Long-Lasting and Durable

Compared to incandescent Christmas lights, LEDs are likely to last 10 times longer. One reason why they last so long is that they are much more durable. In fact, in one study, LED lights were found to last for 4,000 hours when fully lit! Comparing this to incandescents, the light string completely burned out in half the time. You may be wondering how this can be, but the fact of the matter is, LEDs have the ability to last much longer than incandescents because they don’t use filaments to as the bright light. Filaments can heat up and burn out, which brings us to our next point, LEDs are also safer. Safe, long-lasting and durable lights are something you want inside and outside of your home! Why? Because on average, 18.3 million dollars in property damage each year occurs because of Christmas tree fires caused by incandescent lights. This however, is non-existent when you use LED lights. Purchase your favorite styles and colors of LED lights before this holiday season and rest assured that your money has been well spend on safer, long-lasting and durable Christmas light stands.

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I tried replacing my incandescent Christmas lights with LED’S but I have not found them to be more durable in fact when 1/2 of the strand goes out I have not figured out to fix it. At least with the incandescent lights I can fix them

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