All About C9 LED Retrofit Bulbs

Our C9 LED retrofit bulbs are an integral part of many decorators' visions of holiday glitz. Outdoor lighting during the holiday season can create a sense of wonder for both young and old. The brilliant bulbs create spectacular effects that live far beyond the season in the memories of those who see them. The Christmas Light Emporium is proud to provide you with the equipment and materials needed to create these captivating effects at home or in connection with a professional display.

About Our C9 LED Retrofit Bulbs

Traditional C9 bulbs are well-known for outdoor decorating use. The large bulbs were first introduced in the late 1920s, and they are available in a variety of color choices. Incandescent C9 lights burn at seven watts, creating a rich and warm glow. Ceramic models have painted glass to create colorful effects while transparent bulbs use colored see-through glass with a gentle glow.

C9 LED retrofit bulbs use E17 sockets, and modern innovations have led to many alternatives to the traditional incandescent variety of bulbs used in these bases. Some of the most popular alternatives are LED C9 lights, created to fit into the E17 socket while burning at only one watt apiece. These replacement bulbs allow for the replacement of incandescent lights in order to reduce power usage. Larger quantities of LED C9 bulbs can be used on a single circuit, leading to more efficient decorating. C9 strands are wired with parallel circuits, helpful because the failure of a single bulb doesn't lead to the entire string going out.

Decorative Options With C9 LED Retrofit Bulbs

Our catalog of C9 Christmas lights includes both traditional and replacement bulbs in a variety of colors. You can upgrade your existing strands for better energy cost containment. You can develop a color coordinated system to work within your personal or professional decor scheme. You'll also find our icicle and ice tube lights for use in E17 sockets to be excellent decorative options for your holiday plans.

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