All About C7 LED Retrofit Bulbs

Christmas lighting technology has made amazing advancements in recent years, and The Christmas Light Emporium provides you with a variety of choices for your commercial or personal needs. Your family Christmas tree or office waiting room can be distinct and beautiful with the right lighting options to address your decorative vision. Our C7 Christmas lights and C7 LED Retrofit Bulbs enable you to work with a traditional illumination scheme or to diverge with unique bulb designs.

About C7 Christmas Lights

C7 lights are some of the most commonly used Christmas lighting choices. C7 LED retrofit bulbs fit an E12 socket, and strands created for these bulbs are wired with parallel circuits. When one bulb burns out, the others continue to function. Wattage for these lights depends on the type of bulb. The conical shape of the C7 design is approximately 1.5 inches in height. Strings generally include clips to hold sockets in place, making this type of lighting ideal for trees and greenery.

C7 LED Retrofit Bulbs Options

While the original C7 Christmas lights were incandescent, today's options are more extensive. The availability of incandescent bulbs includes traditional ceramic versions that produce colored effects through a paint coating on each light. Transparent incandescent bulbs use colored glass to create a more subtle and delicate effect. Twinkle lights and dimmable bulbs are among the many special effect bulbs available. Incandescent C7s burn at five watts. C7 LED retrofit bulbs are a great alternative to traditional incandescent lighting for the holidays. Created to be compatible with E12 sockets, these LED versions typically include three super bright LEDs inside the 1.5-inch cone, creating exceptional lighting while burning at only one watt. It's possible to safely connect as many as 1,125 bulbs on a 15-amp circuit, enhancing extensive decorating schemes while saving up to 90 percent of the power required for incandescent lighting. You'll also find our icicle replacement bulbs for C7 bases to be excellent for adding variety to your holiday decor./lights

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John Tull

Can these C-7 LED bulbs be used in individual window candles, replacing the 5W C-7 incandescent bulbs? Thank you.


Hi John, yes – as long as the candle fixture is a standard C7 fixture ie no fancy built in twinkling etc. They will work.

Deanna R. Jones

Thanks for the information! I’ve wanted to start using LED Christmas lights for a long time. I used to live in an apartment, so there’s never been very much room for hanging up any lights. Now that I own a home, it would be nice to get ahead of the holiday season and start getting some Christmas decorations. One of my friends said that she has some lights that she would like to give to me. I don’t know what kind of socket that they have though. It’s helpful that you posted that a C7 LED retrofit bulb is made to fit an E12 socket. I should ask my friend what kind of socket her lights use so that I can find out if I can replace her bulbs with C7 LED light bulbs.

Jean Magazzu

I love my old school C7 incandescent strings of lights, but they truly are quite old (like, probably 30+ years old) and probably should be replaced. If I bought a string of C7 LED lights, could I replace those bulbs with the retro ceramic ones?
Thank you!


Hi I’ve Christmas village with several houses and this year would like to replace the regular C7, 5 watts bulbs with led versions. I usually use the 3 bulb cords for my houses but don’t like the heat these bulbs generate. I read online that leds should not be enclosed. Other that the opening used to clip on the bulb, each house only has a couple of tiny openings in some of the windows. Would I be able to replace the traditional bulbs with leds? Any recommendations?

The Christmas Light Emporium

Hi Paula – you can definitely replace your bulbs with LED. They will have no problems being enclosed. They produced far less heat than an incandescent bulb. Hope that helps!

Malinda Hiles

Can I put C7 size LED warm might light bulbs in my traditional wires that I use with my department 56 snow village houses?

The Christmas Light Emporium

Hi Malinda – you sure can! LED C7 bulbs will work fine in standard C7 sockets of any type.

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