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3 Reasons Smart Homeowners Are Upgrading To Outdoor LED Lights

When something’s wrong with the lighting inside our homes, we notice instantly. Dim lighting makes it a struggle to read in the living room or apply makeup in the bathroom. When a light bulb blows out, it gets replaced instantly because we just can’t survive without it. But what about the lighting outside your house? When the sun sets, is your front and backyard plunged into darkness, or do you have outdoor lights to illuminate walkways and ward off would-be intruders? Unlike in the past, more homeowners are choosing outdoor LED lights instead of the incandescent, CFL, and halogen lights. Here are a few reasons why.

They Last Forever

Did you know the average CFL light bulb has an expected lifespan of 10,000 hours, while and incandescent light bulb only has an expected lifespan of 1,200 hours? In contrast, outdoor LED lights are expected to last 50,000 hours or more without having to be replaced.

They're Energy-Efficient

Outdoor lighting is used for ambiance as well as safety and security. We trust our outdoor LED lights to burn brightly all night long, month after month. Those long hours of illumination can be costly with other types of lighting, but not LEDs. Today’s LEDs have an estimated 80-90 percent efficiency, which means nearly all of the energy they consume is converted to light, while only about 20 percent is wasted as heat.

They're Weather-Resistant

In addition to burning brightly for thousands of hours every year, outdoor lights are constantly subjected to the elements. This means rain in the spring, heat and dust in the summertime, wind in the fall, and snow and ice in the winter. Unlike fluorescent lights, which can deliver poor performance in extreme heat or cold, outdoor LED lights are practically impervious to temperature swings. Ready to upgrade to the dependable, energy-efficient illumination of outdoor LED lights? Shop our full selection today!