What Are The Most Common Types of Christmas Lights

What Are The Most Common Types of Christmas Lights

No single snowflake is identical to another. During the winter, we like to apply this same snowflake concept to ourselves and stand out with our decorations. With this in mind, here are four types of Christmas lights from the Christmas Light Emporium to dress your house with this holiday season.

Christmas string lights


Christmas light strings are extremely common and you can likely find these brightening your neighborhood every December. Ideal for both your house and your tree, string lights are tremendous ornaments for bringing light to the holiday season. At the Christmas Light Emporium, you can find LED strings in various colors and styles, including strobe. Whether you want a vibrant green and red wash for your yard or you want the warm comfort of white lights, our selection of string lights has what you are looking for.

christmas net light


Net lights are perfect for adorning the bushes or smaller, rounder trees in your yard. With green netting, these lights blend into the outdoor scenery you place them. The main appeal of net lights is the ease and convenience of setting them up. Unlike string lights, these blanket over your bushes and fences, saving you time you can spend inside and with your loved ones.

Icicle lights on trees


A variation of string lights, icicle lights line your roof with the bright colors hanging down like icicles. Like their namesake, these lights can shimmer with strobes bringing extra flavor to your decorations. As with all our lights, you can find multicolor options, cool color choices, and the warm twinkle of white lights. When illuminating your home for the holiday season, icicle displays won’t let you down.

Rope light candy canes


Not to be confused with string lights, this style of Christmas lighting is made up of LED bulbs encased in a clear rope tube. Rope lights make for a great accent to your indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. This rope style makes for perfect holiday lights on your tree or lining your roof. If you are shopping for Christmas lights online, Christmas Light Emporium provides LED light ropes that are 150’ long.


With a variety of styles to choose from, you can mix and match your decorations by shopping these styles and decorating your home with a blend of net lights, icicle lights, and other styles. At Christmas Light Emporium, you can buy in bulk. Christmas lights and lighting your home should be fun, so we are here to help you spread cheer this holiday season. Contact us for any questions you may have about holiday lighting.